Selecting the Right Project Management Software – Project Manager’s Guide

Project Manager Guide to Select Project Management Software
Professionals around us have been researching for best project management software. There are certain aspects of project management software which an organisation or department has to look at while selecting a project management tool.
Such as
  • Maturity of the company, department of managing projects
  • Pain areas faced by the company while planning, tracking, delivering projects
  • Accordingly, specific list of project management features which are
    • Must have
    • Nice to have
    • Need not have
  • Then shortlist PM tools available in the market looking closely at usability, security, pricing, features such as
    • Task management
    • Project budget, cost management
    • Change management
    • Issue tracking
    • Portfolio management
    • Meeting management
    • Document management
    • Team collaboration
    • Integration with other tools like CRM, Proposal Software, Invoicing, Accounting
    • and so on
  • Look at the reviews of PM software on marketplace
  • Sign up for the free trial, talk to the vendors, check training, support mechanism.
All the best!

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